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How to care for ANNAK original silver leather

Using full tannin leather that has undergone shrink processing on leather tanned in Himeji,
This is how to care for ANNAK original silver leather series .

<Before use>

If it gets wet in the rain, it may cause stains, discoloration, uneven color, mold, etc.
If you use it on a rainy day, it is effective to use a waterproof spray in advance to prevent stains.
Sprinkle the spray all over from a distance of about 30 cm from the bag.
First, test on an inconspicuous area such as the bottom to see if there is any change.

If it gets wet with water due to rain, etc., lightly press it with a short-pile soft cloth,
Remove moisture quickly and dry in the shade.

<Cleaning method>

Because it is sprayed with silver pigment, it will become damaged due to friction, etc. as you use it.
The tanned color of the base is exposed, and you can enjoy the aging caused by use.

You can use leather cream (colorless) and cleaner before the base comes out.

Silver leather with a casual yet elegant look.
The soft texture of natural materials, which is different from synthetic leather and foil types,
Please enjoy the unique aging.

<Storage method>

Moisture and dirt can cause mildew.
If you do not use it for a long time, store it in a well-ventilated place.
Occasionally dry in the shade or wipe dry to remove surface dirt and moisture.

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