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About leather types

Hand-washed leather
hand washed leather

Hand wash series using original leather based on Tochigi leather , one of the world's leading tanners.
Tanned with vegetable tannins and blended with a unique oil, it overcomes the disadvantage of leather that normally becomes hard when wet, resulting in a texture that is just the right amount of flexibility and fits comfortably in the hand.
After the product is finished, it is washed, and when it is half-dried, the craftsman manually molds it one by one with his fingers to give it a textured feel. After that, it is left to dry naturally, and the entire surface is hand-polished to give it a sharper look.
Since the finish depends on the condition of the leather and the parts used, each piece has a different expression. A product that can never be mass-produced.
A hand wash series that has been carefully finished with time and effort.
Please take it in your hand and check the texture.
Due to the characteristics of the product, there may be slight differences in the actual color, size and weight.
Since the leather is washed to bring out the texture, the appearance of wrinkles and the color of each item are different.

Tochigi Leather Co., Ltd.

Tochigi leather coverage article

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Pueblo Leather
pueblo leather

Cowhide leather made with the vachetta method of Badalassi Carlo, a prestigious Italian tanner.

[What is the Bucketta manufacturing method]
With a history of more than 10 centuries, the traditional Italian vachetta manufacturing method does not use any chemicals, spends time on cowhide tanned using vegetable tannins, and adds high-purity "beef leg oil". It is a manufacturing method that goes on.

[Pueblo leather]
The leather is tanned using the vachetta method, and the surface has been intentionally raised with a gold brush by hand as a finishing process, giving it a very high impact.

At first, it feels like Japanese paper, and has a matte texture, so it has almost no gloss.
The speed and depth of aging are very dramatic, and the moist texture that sticks to it when used is also a great attraction.
Leather lovers will surely be satisfied with this leather.
If you apply oil at the beginning of use, you will not be able to enjoy the natural aging of the leather.

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Amanda Oil Leather
amanda oil leather

In the middle of tanning full tannin leather soaked in plenty of oil, shrink processing is applied to shrink the surface with chemicals. After the shrinking process, the glazing process is applied to give an elegant luster by moving the bar-shaped glass balls at high speed while applying pressure to the surface of the leather . Amanda oil leather is a leather that combines features such as durability, scratches that are less noticeable, and exquisite color unevenness.
Due to the characteristics of the product, there may be individual differences in facial expressions (how wrinkles appear) and actual colors.

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Benz Leather
benz leather

Benz leather belongs to the highest rank in cowhide and refers to the leather of the part from the back to the buttocks of the cow.
The thickness is also quite thick at 5-6mm.
Although it has this thickness, it is flexible from the beginning,
The more you use it, the softer it becomes, and you can enjoy the change over time as the color changes while increasing the luster.


The leather used in ANNAK and DADY products is
In order to reduce surface processing and protect the original texture of leather as much as possible,
We refrain from processing such as coloring as much as possible.
Less processed leather has a very rich texture, but it is also delicate.
It has a unique leather smell.
We use eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather.
Leather tanned with plant-derived tannins has a unique leather smell. It will soften a little as you use it, but it will never disappear completely.

Even with the same product, there are various individual differences in expression, color, texture, etc.
We dare to use the traces of nature, such as bloodlines, bark, tigers, etc., as individuality.

In addition, there is also a feature of the product that is unique to handmade products by craftsmen one by one.
After understanding that it is exactly one point,
We hope you enjoy using our leather products.

・Color may fade due to friction or wetness.
Please be especially careful when you sweat or use it on rainy days.
There is a risk of color transfer when wearing light colors such as white.

・Putting a light-colored handkerchief in a wallet or unlined bag may cause color transfer.
Printing on receipts, thermal paper, etc. may disappear.

Please enjoy the carefully crafted leather products that only ANNAK and DADY can offer.


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