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Anak hand wash twist one shoulder bag

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Introducing a large one-shoulder bag.
The twist of the original metal fittings created from the mold is a great accent.

The main storage part has a twist on the flap,
Designed to hold two belts made of Italian leather made by a belt craftsman.

The back has a W zipper pocket that can be opened and closed from either the left or right .
The zipper uses YKK's finest line XL (Excella) .
This back pocket has room for magazines,
The sorting pockets are also well placed.

There is enough space in the back pocket to fit all frequently used items such as wallets, smartphones and pass cases.

The medium-sized storage has many pockets that can be finely sorted,
There is also a gusset, so it has a large capacity.

Men's luggage for one night can be stored with plenty of room.

It's this size, so of course it's heavy,
Anyway, both appearance and storage are impactful bags.

Currently, the length of the two belts placed on the cover is
It has been changed to the same length as the navy in the image.
There is a risk of dye transfer due to sweat or friction.
Please be careful when wearing light-colored clothing.

Width: 43cm
Depth: 13cm
Height: 38cm

Material/Raw material
Cowhide, cotton (lining), brass

Weight <br>About 950g

Country of origin Japan

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