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Anak camouflage pattern big tote bag

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A large size tote bag with a hand-painted camouflage pattern tanned with vegetable tannins that makes the most of the original texture of leather from Italy's La Perla Azzura.

It is possible to close the mouth firmly with the top zipper.

By leaving the thickness of the leather, it creates a beautiful silhouette with a sense of tension.

Because it is tailored with one piece without lining,
You can use it without feeling too heavy.

Even if you put A4 in a clear file and put it vertically,
Even if you put it sideways, it is an easy-to-use size that fits comfortably.
The gusset is also 12 cm, allowing for a large amount of storage.
It is highly recommended for those who have a lot of luggage.

The inside is simple and has only one pocket.
It is a size that fits a smartphone horizontally.

The shoulder strap is 30mm wide and wide enough to reduce the burden on the shoulder.
It's long enough to hang over your shoulder even if you're wearing a winter coat.
Using Italian leather, a belt craftsman chamfers the edge, polishes it,
Carefully made one by one.

It is a unisex bag that can be used.
Let alone casual clothes, even suit-style.
It is a bag that you can enjoy by changing the specifications according to your coordination.

The camouflage pattern paint leather is painted by applying colors one by one using a roller stamp instead of the general printing method "inkjet".
The unique feature of hand painting is that each piece has a different expression.
The base color darkens due to sunburn and aging,
There are also cases where the pattern disappears.

Width: 44cm
Height: 32cm

Material/Raw material
cowhide, brass

Weight <br>About 750g

Country of origin Japan

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