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Daddy Benz Leather Quick Release Buckle Belt 30mm Width



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Tanned in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan's largest leather production area
Benz leather belt using DADY original oil leather.

Benz leather belongs to the highest rank in cowhide,
It refers to the leather of the part from the back of the cow to the buttocks.
The thickness is also quite thick at 5-6mm.

The buckle is a fireman buckle.
Since it is possible to remove with one action without warping the belt,
It can be used without damaging the surface.

Although it is thick, it is flexible from the beginning, and the more you use it, the softer it becomes.
You can enjoy the change over time as the color changes while increasing the luster.

After tailoring the obi part for both Nume and Black and making a pin hole,
Add oil to create a unique look that conveys a vintage feel.

The back is also heat-treated with an iron for a supple finish.
We spent more than twice as much time polishing the edge as we did when making a normal belt.

Although it is an expression that conveys a sense of vintage,
The finish of the back and edge is very carefully and beautifully finished,
It is exactly the one and only belt.

Belt size is 10 sizes in all.
Buckle colors are silver and brass.
Choose your size and buckle color.

Because it is a simple design that makes full use of the characteristics of leather,
You can use it regularly for a long time.

* Fireman Buckle It is said to have been created by using the structure of metal fittings that fix fire hoses in the UK as a buckle.

*Measure belts are available at stores and events.
Please choose the correct size and place an order.
It will be shipped in about 2 weeks.

* There may be slight individual differences in the expression and width of the belt due to oiling and heat treatment . note that.

3 cm wide
0 size: total length 85cm,
center hole 70cm
1 size: total length 90cm, center hole 75cm
2 sizes: total length 95cm, center hole 80cm

3 sizes: total length 100cm, center hole 85cm

4 sizes: total length 105cm, center hole 90cm

5 sizes: total length 110cm, center hole 95cm
6 sizes: total length 115cm, center hole 100cm
7 size: total length 120cm, center hole 105cm

8 size: total length 125cm, center hole 110cm

9 size: total length 130cm, center hole 115cm

Material/Raw material

Weight <br>About 255g

Country of origin Japan

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